The Cieszyn costumes trial

The tourist product “The Cieszyn costumes trial” corresponds to the marked terrain creating the Circular Cycling Trail named the same way (for more information see the website Driving a car along the trail you visit the most attractive places in Goleszów – the village of beautiful natural environment and interesting local folklore. Our tourist product includes two one-day car trips (two variants) a programme for each of them is completely different. 


  • Kisielów: “Na Podlesiu” the open-air ethnographic museum (1)
  • Góra Chełm: observation platform on the Chełm mountain (464 m above sea level) 
  • Goleszów (2): the Cieszyn costumes exhibition in the Communal Centre of Culture; Roman-Catholic church dedicated to St. Michael Archangel from the first half of the 20th century ; statue of St. John Nepomucen from the first half of the 19th century; Evangelical-Augsburg church from 18th century along with a presbytery and a sundial; studio of Zbigniew Hławiczka the regional folk sculptor
  • Cisownica: “U Brzezinów” the Regional Exhibition Room (3); study and art gallery of Lena Rybicka the regional painter; “Zadni Gaj” the reserve (500-519m above sea level)


  • Leszna Górna: Roman-Catholic church dedicated to St. Martin dating from the 18th century; statue of St. John Nepomucen from the 18th century; Edyta Pieczonka’s study where she embroiders shirts – parts of regional folk costumes; “Góra Tuł ” the reserve (621m above sea level) (4)
  • Dzięgielów: “Bees’ town” the exceptional apiary with beehives resembling town buildings (houses, a church, a windmill etc.) in shape. It is owned by Jan Gajdacz and placed in Mołczyn (433m above sea level) (5); the fifteenth-century castle 
  • Puńców: Roman-Catholic church dedicated to St. George from the beginning of the 16th century; Andrzej Lacel’s coachhouse
  • Bażanowice: the manor along with farm buildings from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, the sculpture of John Nepomucen from the latter half of the18th century